Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's be honest...

I'm terrible at packing. Terrible, terrible.

As mentioned in the last post, my method these last two weeks has been to dump all my belongings onto any open surface in my room. And then layer on top of that with more stuff. Layers upon layers of stuff.

Anyway, this past weekend I forced myself to start picking through the mess and have made some good progress.

Here are some things about packing:

  • Packing is a giant time-suck:  So much time & concentration is necessary to go through items, deciding what I want to keep, store, give away, or sell. Not that I have anything else very important going on...
  • Packing makes me want to throw away everything I own:  How do I have this much stuff?! I don't even have that much closet or storage place in my current apartment. I have romantic notions of getting rid of most of my belongings and living a minimalist life in a tiny studio -- this will almost certainly not happen.
  • My favorite thing might be putting free stuff on the sidewalk:  I really, really, really enjoy putting my random junk in a brown bag with the word "FREE" on it. Then I like checking back on it to see what people have been taking. Things get swooped up pretty quickly, with the exception being an Algebra 1 practice workbook. I was pretty miffed that no one wanted it (what? you mean people DON'T want to practice their algebra skills??), but then it was gone a few days later. I am telling myself that it was picked up by some hardworking kid who wants to get ready for the new school year and become a master mathematician. Good job, kid!
  • Packing makes getting dressed more difficult. Or maybe easier:  I've mostly put away my clothes: winter ones sealed up and ready to be shipped once it starts getting cold; the remaining items are also in bags, for me to decide what to take immediately or to ship this summer. Anyhow, so since most of my clothes are packed up, this means that I don't want to wear these clothes before I leave because that would mean I'd be unpacking them & re-laundering & re-packing (this reasoning may very well make sense to only me). So instead I'm relying on wearing my "left-over" clothes (aka t-shirts with logos). This also might mean that I've been putting the same skirt and pair of shorts in rotation for the last two weeks... gross? Hahaha


  1. Love the free stuff idea! I should try that next time I have to pack everything away.

    1. haha, yup! it works really well ;)

  2. You are so adorable and also makes the reality of your impending podcast oh so exciting and oh so probable! :)