Saturday, December 21, 2013

"I will look back, I will hold fast to this"

In January and March, I was visiting Cambridge/Boston and the idea of moving to a new city was just an idea, and not even a serious one at that. 

In April, the idea became a bit more real when I sent out my résumé on a whim, and because Hey, an application is just an application. 

In May, I was back Boston, this time for an interview and the idea of moving was looking like an actual possibility. But I still was kinda thinking Hey, I'm just scoping things out. Nothing has to happen. 

A few days after that, I had a job offer. And a few days after that, I had to make a decision.
(january, march, may 2013; still just visiting cambridge & boston)

Which brings us to December. And it's so weird to look at my driver's license and instead of a California state license, it's Massachusetts (where they call the DMV the RMV instead). And in some ways, I'm transitioning into this new place just fine (I've got some "go-to" spots for groceries and coffee and what not). But in other ways, I'm still holding out (for example, after reading Yelp reviews, I've refused to try a new place to get a haircut and am definitely waiting til I get back to CA..hahaha). 

What does this mean? Well, I guess it goes to show that sometimes you have the opportunity for a change and even if you're not 100% sure it'll be the right decision, it probably isn't the wrong decision either. So go for it.  

Except if it has to do with your hair. Then stick with what you're familiar with, obvi. haha.

2013, you were some year. Let's get goin', 2014.


  1. sarah-mei, i definitely miss you, our chats, and our snacks on fridays. however, i am so happy that you made this leap, and are trying something new.

    p.s. on a completely unrelated note, i hope you got j-rube the unicorn head.

    1. man, i WISH i got to his registry early enough to gift them the unicorn head. unfortunately, i was too late :(

      hope you're enjoying winter break!!

  2. haha or you can be adventurous and get your hair cut in Boston. :D or i can cut it for you :P

  3. Shane is waiting for you to book an appointment, fyi