Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Would MacGyver Do (with earbuds)?

1. I regularly lose my earbuds. This is why I buy cheap ones from Target.
2. Along with the rest of the population, I am annoyed and plagued by the tangled earbuds problem.

Looking to the internet, there sure are lots of super adorable DIY cases that you can make...Like these! I mean, a FELTED BUNNY HOLDER???! Also, there are tons of cute holders you can buy...Like these! SPIKY SQUISHY MONSTERS???!

But let's face it. Chances are I'm gonna lose these earbuds any day now, and I'm not especially interested in getting the materials to sew a case, no matter how stinkin' cute it is. And I definitely am not interested in buying one that is 50% more than the earbuds themselves...

So. The natural next step was to think: What Would MacGyver Do?

He'd get a paperclip. Obvi.

Calling upon my MacGyver skills, I took that paperclip, bent it into a type of S-shape, wrapped my earbuds around it, and pinched the ends of the clip to keep the whole thing in place. I tossed it in the bottom of my bag and went about my errands. Did this stay in place the whole day? Come on. It was MacGyver inspired. Of course it did!


Thanks MacGyver. You saved the day. Again!