Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer in Six


1. Ceiling decorations from C&M's wedding. Fun wedding for such a fun couples!
2. I love doing everyday type things in new cities. Reading and coffee at Kopplin's (St. Paul, MN)
3. Celebrated one year living on the east coast by chowing down on some classic New England cuisine ;) This fish & chips was just one of many plates devoured at Row 34.
4. One morning, the roomie and I ate snacked our way through the North End. First stop, Bova's Bakery for mini creme puffs!
5. Made a stop at Brattle Square Florists and Petali Flowers!
6. Summer means eat as much ice cream as I possibly can. And rainbow sprinkles, please! Spadafora Slush and Ice Cream

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